How to use our WordPress Ad Changer plugin – Video Tutorials

Although fairly easy to use, we understand that using our WordPress plugins doesn’t always come easy to EVERYONE. This is why we have created a number of highly coherent Video tutorials that explain how to use the CM AD-changer plugin for both server and client side users.
Browse the videos bellow to learn about how to install, set up and utilize all the great features that the CM ad-changer plugin has to offer.


The CM Ad Changer can help you manage, track and provide reports of how your advertising campaigns are being run. The CM Ad Changer client includes basic connection information to retrieve campaign intelligence from the ad changer server. The ad changer server includes a campaign management panel and statistics modules that shows how a campaign performs. By managing advertising campaigns across several Word Press sites at the same time, the CM Ad-Changer makes controlling and overseeing online banner and image promotions easier than ever.

Each campaign can manage unlimited number of images and banners. Utilize your banners within your site, by rotating them in random order or even have them targeted with unique URLs. Measure conversion and count impressions of your banners, and use short code to insert banners into posts and pages, while supporting debug mode.