Using Ad Changer’s Wrapping Div Codes

The Ad Changer shortcode includes support for setting the div to wrap the banner ad in the client site.

  • campaign_id – ID of a campaign (required)
  • linked_banner – Banner is a linked image or just a banner image. Can be 1 or 0 (default: 1)
  • debug – Show the debug info. Can be 1 or 0 (default: 0)
  • wrapper – Wrapper can be turned On or Off. Can be 1 or 0 (default: 0)
  • class – Banner(wrapper) class name

You can use wrapper=1 and class=div-name to set a div around the ad like in here

You can use define the class in your style.css or using the ad changer settings like in this example

div codes can be used to wrap banners within content boxes in WordPress. These make displaying banner ads on multiple websites easier.