User Guide – Setting Up an HTML Campaign

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This page is no longer maintained

If you choose to create an html campaign, new settings will appear on your campaign banners tab, allowing you to select and edit your required fields. These settings are managed only from the Ad Changer Server.

creating an html campaign banner with CM Ad changer plugin for wordpress

Defining width and height parameters

Enter the required dimensions that will apply to all banners in this html campaign. If you leave this blank, banners will be displayed in default dimensions

Adding HTML Campaign Banners

When you create a Campaign and  choose the Campaign Type of “HTML Ads” you will see the WYSIWYG editor. Enter your html ad content into the editor. You can add plain text, images, buttons, iframes, or any other content written in html.

Due to the limitations of WordPress to add multiple HTML Campaign Banners you have to “Save” the campaign after adding each new banner. (If you don’t, a new empty field will show up next time you edit the campaign)
The HTML content you put in the editor will NOT be filtered so you should be careful!