User Guide: Basic WordPress Troubleshooting Procedure

If you are having some issues with the plugin behavior here are some initial assumption and several checks you should take before contacting support.

Basic WordPress Troubleshooting Procedure

Initial Assumptions

The Pro plugin and the free plugin should not be activated together. If you have purchased the Pro plugin please deactivate the free edition before activating the Pro edition. You data will not be lost and will show up in the Pro plugin once activated.
Another assumption is that you are using the latest version of the plugin and are running the latest version of WordPress.

First Check – Server problems

Please check that the server info tab in the plugin settings to make sure all checks return the “OK” status:
WordPress plugin Troubleshooting Procedure

Second Check – JS errors

Please check your browser console (right click on the browser page and select Inspect Element, than click on the Console tab) to make sure it does not have any js errors. If it does make sure to fix them first. Please make sure you check this for both the Glossary index page and for both a page and a post page.

Third Check – Plugin conflict

Please deactivate other plugins you have and activate them one by one to check if one of them has a conflict with the CM plugin. If you find a plugin which conflicts you can always use Plugin Organizer to make sure they don’t run together.

Fourth Check – Theme conflict

Replace your theme with one of WordPress default themes to see if the problem arise from a conflict with your theme. This will help in understanding the source of the problem.

Reference for more Troubleshooting Information