User Guide – Ad Campaign Groups Settings

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Campaign Group Settings

In CM Ad Changer Pro v. 1.2.8 we’ve added the support for the Campaign Groups. This functionality allows to display Campaigns with different types (Image/HTML/AdSense) in one place.

To use the Campaign Groups instead of the single Campaign, we’ve introduced a new attribute supported by the

Wrong campaign ID
shortcode – “group_id”.

In order to display a Campaign from the Group, one has to use the following shortcode example:
[ cm_ad_changer group_id=”X” ]

Please note that the “group_id” and “campaign_id” attributes shouldn’t be used together. Although if they were – only the “group_id” will be taken into account.

Campaign Groups List


Campaign Groups view consists of two parts.

First part is the list of the already defined Campaign Groups and a button which allows to create a new Campaign Group.

The interface of the Campaign Groups is similar to the listing of the Campaigns. In each row we have a Group Name followed by it’s ID, Order, number of Campaigns within the group and finally the Actions.

To edit a campaign one can click on the Group Name or use the Edit icon from the Actions list.

Campaign Group Settings


Group Name – to distinguish the Campaign Groups on the list you can assign a name (lenght is limited to 50 characters) to each group

Group Order – this option allows to choose the method of selecting the Campaign from the group.

Campaigns Of Group – this section allows to control which Campaigns are assigned to the Group. It also allows us to easily add/remove the Campaigns from the Group.

New Campaign’s Group Settings


Except for the possibility to assign the Campaigns from the Campaign Group edit view it’s also possible to add the Campaign to the Group using the Campaign’s edit view.

Campaign Group – displays the list of the Campaign Groups and allows to select one of them to assign the Campaign to it.

Group Weight – this field holds a value which determines the priority of the Campaign within the group. You can assign any integer number to it. The values of Group Weight will be normalized before the display.

The Group Weight normalization means that the Campaign with “Group Weight” of 1000 is 100 times more likely to be displayed than the Campaign with “Group Weight” of 10. This means that setting all the Group Weights within the Group to the same value e.g. 100 will result with each Campaign having the same chance of appearing. It also means that Campaigns with Group Weight of “0” won’t be displayed at all!