Use Your WP Ad Server to Display Banners on Multiple Client Websites

Your WP Ad Server, generated by the CM Ad-changer plugin can serve advertisement banner to a large number of client sites simultaneously. In fact, The client-side of the plugin can be installed on as many websites as you want. No matter how many websites you’re publishing on, your WP ad-server can handle it!

Here’s how the WP ad server works:

The following diagram shows six client sites connected to one central WP ad server. The Ad Changer client-side plugin is installed on each of these client websites.

wp ad server

Tracking your advertising campaigns

The Ad Changer server automatically generates a log of statistics that shows which client websites are connected to the server and when their banner ad campaigns are set to run. In this example, 8 client sites are connected to the Ad Changer server-side plugin and are provided different banners for different periods of time.
the CM WP ad server plugin can be setup to connect with multiple websites, in this example, one server is connected to eight clients.

Restrict client settings

The Ad-Changer server-side plugin can also manage and limit the number of connections available to external clients and customized to the settings of each banner ad campaign. If a limit to the number of clients allowed is not specified, all requests for connection to the ad-changer server will be accepted. If specified, as in this example, only a limited list of domains will be allowed to connect and be served banners.

Settings for limiting the number of clients allowed to connect to the ad server plugin.