WordPress Ad Server Cloud Storage With CM Ad-Changer

The CM Ad Changer plugin supports the use of WordPress Ad Server Cloud Storage, which enables to serve banners from a cloud storage system like S3 directly to external client side websites where they are published. This is an popular and highly convenient feature because it helps to optimize and speed up the delivery of your banners and save space on your website, while making it easy for client side administrators to find and access your banners.

How do i set up my WordPress Ad Server Cloud Storage?

Its soooo simple! To start serving ad banners from the cloud, setup the cloud storage option for each of the advertising campaigns you wish to use this feature with. You can also specify the cloud storage path, public access and connection credentials.

Wordpress Ad Server Cloud Storage can be setup to serve ad banners

After setting up cloud storage, upload the banners that the Ad Changer uses and remember that you will be uploading them again to the S3 cloud storage by the following path used by the server-side plugin.

how to upload ad banners to the cloud and use them for advertising on multiple WordPress websites.

Next, create a bucket on S3 which will be used to hold your banner images.

Wordpress Ad Server Cloud Storage- banner images stored on a cloud and served by the CM Ad-Changer plugin.

Make sure that the path of this bucket is inserted into the Ad Changer campaign settings, as shown above.

Last, make sure to set your banner images to public so the CM Ad-Changer server can serve them from the S3 cloud storage to the websites that have the client plugin installed.

using client and server-side plugins to manage banner ad campaigns from external WordPress Ad Server Cloud Storage