CM Ad Changer Plugin Pro Edition Changelog

Version 2.0.9 from the 2nd Aug 2022 (server Only)

  • Compatible with PHP 8

Version 2.0.8 from the 17th June 2022 (server Only)

  • Bugfix related to PHP 8.x

Version 2.0.7 from the 16th March 2022 (server Only)

  • Fixed: banner expiration date issue

Version 2.0.6 from the 25th Nov 2021 (server Only)

  • Added support to save images to cloud server with WP Offload Media plugin
  • Fixed transparent tooltips

Version 2.0.4 from the 24th May 2021 (server Only)

  • Updated license package to version 1.9.1

Version 2.0.3 23th Jan 2021 ( server only)

  • Fixed: Infinite statistics loading after jQuery update
  • Fixed: Banner rotation method

Version 2.0.2 13th Dec 2020 ( server only)

  • Fixed: random order for rotated banners
  • Updated: ip2location_lite module

Version 2.0.1 19th Oct 2020 ( server only)

  • Fixed: security issue

Version 2.0.0 21st Sep 2020 ( server only)

  • Fixed: date format in campaign settings
  • Minor fixes

Version 1.9.9 7th June 2020 ( server only)

  • Added: option “Rotated” to group display feature

Version 1.9.8 19th May 2020 ( server only)

  • Fixed: flying banner type show bug
  • Updated: license pack

Version 1.9.7 12th Mar 2020 ( server only)

  • Fixed: approved domains list processing bug

Version 1.9.6 28th Feb 2020 ( server only)

  • Fixed: open banner link in new window

Version 1.9.5 31st Aug 2019 ( server only)

  • Fixed HTML Ad linking bug
  • Removed useless query that slowed down statistics page

Version 1.9.4 28th July 2019 ( server only)

  • Fixed incorrect type conversion for local CM Ad Changer client options
  • Minor fixes

Version 1.9.2 24th July 2019 (only client)

  • Improved curl request processing

Version 1.9.3 24th July 2019 ( server only)

  • Fixed bug “Campaign ID not given” upon selecting campaign in list “Statistics -> Clients last requests”
  • Fixed bug “Zero constant value impressions” of campaigns linked from CM server to remote CM client plugins

Version 1.9.2 6th July 2019 (only Server)

  • Added stripslashes into campaigns
  • Added exception handling in post

Version 1.9.1 18th June 2019 (only client)

  • Removed illegal string offset warning

Version 1.9.1 16th June 2019 (both client and server)

  • Converted alert into console log
  • Added timestamp with ajax call
  • Fixed shortcode render issue in banners
  • Updated package 1.8.9

Version 1.9.0 14th Feb 2019 (server Only)

  • Bugfix in report by group statistics report
  • Updated license package 1.8.6

Version 1.8.19 25th Sep 2018 (server Only)

  • Added the option to use any shortcode in banners

Version 1.8.18 13th Sep 2018 (server Only)

  • Added a field to add the title for html ads
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.8.16 29th July 2018 (server Only)

  • Bug fix
  • Updated the Licensing Package

Version 1.8.15 12th July 2018 (server Only)

  • Changed banners per campaign limit 50 to 500

Version 1.8.14 3rd July 2018 (server Only)

  • Added statistics remove option between dates

Version 1.8.13 26th Sep 2017 (both client and server)

  • Fixed the JS bug when the response is empty

Version 1.8.12 25th Aug 2017 (both client and server)

  • Fixed the bug with saving the campaign with no Campaign URL
  • Fixed the bug with random banners sometimes not appearing

Version 1.8.11 19th July 2017 (both client and server)

  • Fixed the bug with opening the links in image banners in new tab
  • Added the link validation for Campaign Link and Campaign Banner Link

Version 1.8.10 1rs July 2017

  • Fixed the bug with opening the links in html banners in new tab
  • Fixed the bug with the uninitialized key

Version 1.8.9 23rd June 2017 (both client and server)

  • Fixed the bug with rotated banners on mobiles

Version 1.8.8 12th June 2017 (server and Client)

  • Added the option to randomize the rotated banners
  • Updated the Licensing Package

Version 1.8.7 21st feb 2017 (client only)

  • Fixed the problem with the impressions counting
  • Fixed the problem with the tcycle()

Version 1.8.6 24th Jan 2017

  • Bug fix with domain list being excluded

Version 1.8.5 8th Jan 2017

  • Added the support for the new AddOn – Customer Dashboard

Version 1.8.4 10th Nov 2016

  • Fixed the problem with the encoded entities when using AdDesigner

Version 1.8.3 12th Sep 2016

  • Fixed the problem with the server being falsely treated as inactive
  • Added an option to auto-deactivate campaigns after their activity period has passed
  • Fixed the bug causing the campaigns after their activity period to be randomly selected for groups

Version 1.8.2 04th Aug 2016

  • Updated the licensing package
  • Enabled the Server by default

Version 1.8.1 13th july 2016

  • Fixed the rare bug with date year set to ‘-0001’
  • Fixed the bug with activity dates not taking into account the local time
  • Fixed the rare problem with CORS for AJAX requests to get banners

Version 1.8.0 28th June 2016

  • Added the option to set the banner expiration date for image and html banners
  • Fixed small bugs

Version 1.7.10 9th June 2016

  • Improved the AdSense banner display
  • Added options to setup the banner width/height

Version 1.7.9 19th May 2016

  • Server: fixed the notice
  • Server: Improved licensing module and dashboard
  • Client: bugfix – added the client IP

Version 1.7.8 16th May 2016

  • Client: Fixed the bug causing which caused that the settings of the rotating banner were disregarded
  • Client: Fixed the bug causing the banners sometimes not having the right image src
  • Client: Added the “async” to AdSense calls
  • Client: Fixed small bugs
  • Server: Fixed the bug causing which caused that the settings of the rotating banner were disregarded
  • Server: Added the “async” to AdSense calls
  • Server: Fixed small bugs

Version 1.7.7 29th April 2016

  • Fixed the bug with testing
  • Fixed the bug with responsive banners

Version 1.7.6 28th April 2016

  • Redesigned the Client/Server communication to decrease the load
  • Fixed small bugs

Version 1.7.5 12th April 2016

  • Fixed the potential CSRF/XSS vulnerability

Version 1.7.4 4th April 2016

  • fixed bugs caused by missing functions

Version 1.7.3 20th Mar 2016

  • Added the option to select target per banner
  • Updated license API

Version 1.7.2 25th Feb 2016

  • Added automatic updates from plugin dashboard
  • Replaced plugin admin interface including license activation and user guide

Version 1.7.1 Build 19th Jan 2016

  • Fixed a bug with statistics

Version 1.7.0 Build 30th Dec 2015

  • Changed Licensing Package

Version 1.6.9 Build 29th Sep 2015

  • Fixed problem with the editor

Version 1.6.8 Build 31st July 2015

  • Fixed error notice about wp_enqueue_script being called incorrectly

Version 1.6.7 Build 09th July 2015

  • Fixed “Bad request” error message during clone campaign call
  • Added new functionality to include custom js code for HTML banner type.

Version 1.6.6 Build 15th June 2015

  • issue with adsense campaigns resolution fixed. From now the adsense container will adjust automatically to parent container

Version 1.6.5 Build 03th June 2015

  • enqueue js and css scripts fix
  • added check if the nonce is correct during saving the settings
  • fixed error message about campaign type selected, but no banner selected for AdSense campaigns
  • minor fixes with settings options not being stored in database

Version 1.6.4 Build 13th May 2015

  • Removed old resend events functionality, due to database errors

Version 1.6.3 Build 12th May 2015

  • Added new feature that allows to check connection between client and server.

Version 1.6.2 Build 8th May 2015

  • Fixed css and js plugin files enqueue problem
  • Fixed ip-location class compatibility error

Version 1.6.1 Build 2nd May 2015

  • Fixed bug with campaign setting “Open target URL in new window” not being executed during banner click event
  • Fixed bug with opening link in new window being blocked as popup in Chrome

Version 1.6.0 Build 22nd April 2015

  • Added security precautions for XSS attacks during add_query_arg function usage

Version 1.5.9 Build 14th April 2015

  • Campaign group with inactive campaign selects only active ones

Version 1.5.8 Build 1st April 2015

  • Added new flat share box
  • Added the type of banner – image / video / html in table of the list of campaigns under the type
  • Changed tooltip info message in video ads campaign type

Version 1.5.7 Build 25th Mar 2015

  • Fixed error with upload directory when resizing images

Version 1.5.6 Build 23rd Mar 2015

  • Fix bug with html redirection in banner campaigns

Version 1.5.5 Build 19th Mar 2015

  • Fix bug with license activation

Version 1.5.4 Build 23rd Feb 2015

  • Fixed bug with ad designer functionality
  • Fixed bug with campaign activity dates functionality

Version 1.5.3 Build 10th Feb 2015

  • Fixed bug with tinyMce editor. Editor was rejecting changes made in text mode. (Server Only)

Version 1.5.2 Build 31st Jan 2015

  • Server Version: Added option to turn off history functionality. If checked, banners will not report
    impressions and clicks back to the server. Client’s impressions and clicks will also
    be omitted and not saved. Due to lack of history data statistics functionality
    will be disabled.
  • Server Version: Added caching of banners and campaigns clicks and impressions. Caches are being updated
    once an hour during first request.
  • Server Version: Clicks and impressions are being counted only when needed (edit campaign screen
    and if max clicks or max impressions are set)
  • Server Version: Added preloader in statistics to let users know when data is being processed
    (useful when server must process a lot of data and does not responds).
  • Server Version: Fixed errors and notices that caused error notification message during plugin activation.
  • Client Version: Added option to disable sending history data (impressions and clicks) back to server
  • Client Version: Fixed errors and notices that caused error notification message during plugin activation

Version 1.5.1 Build 20th Jan 2015

  • * Limit for images size raised to 2MB and for GIF images to 5MB (it was causing problems with uploading gif images)
  • Full error description from backend script is now showing in javascript alert dialog in case of file upload issue

Version 1.5.0 Build 08th Jan 2015

  • Fixed SQL queries to history table that was slowing down banner requests
  • Fix for floating banner z-index included both in server and client.

Version 1.4.9 Build 08th Jan 2015

  • Fixed incompatibility issue with jQuery datepicker that affected tabs
  • Fixed issue with empty statistics screen when no data in month report
  • Fixed issue with campaign select in statistics day report
  • Fixed issue with selected banner in floating banner and floating bottom banner
  • Added feature that automatically selects first banner if no banner is selected and banner has display method “selected”
  • Added option to name the floating and floating bottom banner for statistics table purpose

Version 1.4.8 Build 03rd Jan 2015

  • Fixed incompatibility issue with jQuery datepicker that affected statistics

Version 1.4.6 Build 22nd Dec 2014

  • Fixed issue with remote content in floating banner campaign
  • Changed path to media from relative to absolute in html editor
  • Fixed issue with insert media button (Media was inserted into prev editor instead of current)

Version 1.4.5 Build 20th Dec 2014

  • Fixed issue related to 4.1
  • Fixed bug with default selected banner

Version 1.4.4 Build 10th Dec 2014

  • New feature. New banner type: floating bottom banner
  • General bugfixing

Version 1.4.3 Build 8th Dec 2014

  • Added support to groups statistics reports
  • Fixed a bug related to the campaign type
  • Fixed a bug related to Mac
  • Fixed a bug related to rotating banners

Version 1.4.2 Build 4th Dec 2014

  • Added support to groups in the widget
  • Fixed a bug related to the campaign type

Version 1.4.1 Build 18th Nov 2014

  • New feature. New banner type: floating banner
  • Added the notice about the new version of the plugin available
  • Fixed the problem with displaying banners according to selected days and priority
  • New feature. New banner type: floating banner

Version 1.3.7 Build 24th Oct 2014

  • Added notification when user creates new campaign with type “Selected Banner” but doesn’t select one
  • General bugfixing

Version 1.3.6 Build 23rd Oct 2014

  • More space for counters (max impressions and max clicks)
  • More insight into the stats (new table theme, new thumbnail preview)
  • New statistics report type (report by period)
  • New option for campaign (open target URL in new window)
  • Create new campaign group fix (ability to create new campaign group with campaign assigned)
  • Added campaign group creation date
  • Added full size banner view
  • General bugfixing

Version 1.3.4-5 Build 23rd Oct 2014

  • Fixed issues with FireFox
  • Fixed issue with Banner link
  • Fixed bug where click and impressions not counted

Version 1.3.3 Build 07th Aug 2014

  • Fixed the problems with “target_blank”
  • Added the ability to remove all images with one click
  • Hidden the AdChanger admin menu for non-admin users
  • Improved the detection on the inactive campaigns
  • Added the admin notice about Server being inactive
  • Updated the ID generation function to fix rare issues of ID clash
  • Added the support for Width and Height of the HTML Campaigns
  • Added the CM AdDesigner to support the HTML campaigns

Version 1.3.2 Build 07th July 2014

  • Fixed the conflict between the CM Ad Changer widget and the Page Builder plugin
  • Added the option to define the Target URL for the HTML banners
  • Fixed the bug with banner variations

Version 1.3.0 Build 02nd July 2014

  • Fixed bug with wrong uploads directory
  • Changed the way testing works – now will alert if something’s wrong
  • General bugfixing
  • Added the Call to action box on Settings screen

Version 1.2.9 Build 14th June 2014

  • Fixed several bugs with HTML Ads
  • Added the support for the Video Ads
  • Changed method of counting clicks to mousedown js action
  • Added support to html target URL
  • Added weight to HTML campaigns
  • Changes to campaign editing and saving UEX

Version 1.2.8 Build 27th May 2014

  • Improved the support for HTML Ads
  • Added the “target_blank” (default 1) to the shortcode – now it’s possible to open links in the same window
  • Fixed the bug in Server Load statistics for Current Month
  • Added the support for the Campaign Groups
  • Fixed several notices and warnings
  • Fixed some JS errors
  • Fixed the bug with Advertisers not being saved properly

Version 1.2.7 Build 22nd Apr 2014

  • Added the support for HTML Ads
  • Improved the support for AdSense Ads
  • Added the possibility to setup the banners height & width
  • Improved the performance

Version 1.2.5 Build 6th Mar 2014

  • Added the support for the multisite
  • Fixed some performance issues
  • Fixed the widget class
  • Added the AdSense support
  • Fixed some bugs

Version 1.2.1 Build 06th Mar 2014

  • General code refactoring and fixes
  • Fixed the way plugin tracks the impressions of rotating banners
  • Fixed the bug with counting the clicks of the banners
  • Removed the feature to inject custom JS as a potential very high security risk

Version 1.1.4 Build 01st Feb 2014

  • Fix bug in SQL query
  • Replace rotating banner script
  • Add Noresponsive to shortcode
  • Prevent client and server to be installed on the same site

Version 1.1.3 Build 23rd Jan 2014

  • Fixed bug in path to AnySlider js and css
  • Fixed bug in responsive JS

Version 1.1.2 Build 21st Jan 2014

  • Added div calls for Ad Changer Widget
  • Fixed bug in banner target URL length
  • Fixed bug in HTML injection method/il>

Version 1.1.1 Build 15th Jan 2014

  • made bug fixes in rotating banners module

Version 1.1.0 Build 15th Jan 2014

  • Added Notifications
  • Added Rotating Banners
  • Added more statistic modules like server load
  • Added geo location support
  • Added Responsive support for mobile devices
  • Fix bug on wp-admin url
  • Fix bug when client plugin broke html

Version 1.0.0 Build 30th Nov 2013

  • Plugin Release