CM Ad Changer Plugin – Screenshot Gallery

CM Ad Changer plugin for WordPress, general settings screenshot where you manage all your banner ads in one place

Settings of the Ad Changer Server

CM Ad Changer screenshot of responsive banner ad settings where ad sizes can be controlled to resize according to the device viewing the ad.

Responsive banners settings

The CM Ad Changer plugin has a server side dashboard interface for controlling multiple ads on multiple websites.

Ad Changer Server campaigns table

CM Ad Changer lets you change your advertising campaign settings in this screenshot image.

Campaign settings

Here you can set limits on campaigns on the server side of the CM Ad Changer WordPress Plugin

Campaign limits settings in the Ad Changer Server

Control campaign banner selections to include ad variations of your choosing, see this screenshot of the CM Ad Changer plugin.

Campaign banners and variations

Here is a screenshot which shows how you can view your campaign activity and control the views with custom settings inside the CM Ad Changer plugin for WordPress.

Campaign activity settings

The server side of CM Ad Changer WordPress Plugin

Ad Changer client requests as they are recorded on the server

Client side login authentication screenshot of how to use the Ad-Changer Plugin for WordPress to change banner ads on multiple websites.

Ad Changer clients log

This image shows the load graphs of the image ad banner server as it loads the banners on multiple websites.

Ad Changer server load graphs

Client settings are shown here for how to manage the way ads are changed on individual websites from one place.

Ad Changer client settings

This shortcode example shows how to insert the CM Ad Changer WordPress Plugin into pages or posts.

How to Use a WordPress Shortcode for inserting the Ad Changer plugin

Plugin settings for the CM Ad Changer to manage the client side of where the banners are displayed.

Ad Changer Client plugin settings