Create Awesome WordPress video ads and HTML ads

CM Ad Changer supports WordPress Video Ads and HTML-based Ads. Both Ad types are used as banner Ads, and contain a weight parameter which defines the total appearance percentage in comparison with other Ads in the same campaign. This is a great feature that will make the most of your advertising campaign.

Setting up your WordPress video ads

Your WordPress Video Ads can either be served from a local host or a cloud storage, including video networks such as Youtube and Vimeo. Textual Ads can be linked like any other banner Ad to a target location of your choice.

Adding your WordPress video Ads is simple! All you need to do is copy the external resource iframe into the text area of the Ad-Changer as show below:

Add WordPress Video Ads to the CM Ad-Changer plugin

Add a wordpress Video Ad to the Ad-Changer

Setting up your html ads

The HTML Ads can be set using the WordPress built-in editor or can be copied from another external editor which helps you design the HTML output easily.

Adding an HTML Ad to the Ad-Changer Server

Adding an HTML Ad to the Ad-Changer Server