Manage Your Responsive Banners With Our WordPress Ads Plugin

Specifically designed for managing large numbers of responsive banners on multiple WordPress websites, the CM Ads management Plugin by CreativeMinds is a server/client ad campaign system for showing responsive banners on client websites. It is designed to promote eCommerce sales events, product placements and brand awareness.

What’s so special about our WordPress ads Plugin?

This plugin turns your website into a banner ad server that rotates, resizes and changes responsive banners on multiple eCommerce websites simultaneously! It uses both server and client-side interfaces for managing multiple advertising campaigns across several WordPress websites. It also comes with custom javascript functionality, Shortcodes and many more features.

The server-side plugin features a control panel and a statistics module to view and manage your advertising campaign’s performance, showing the number of impressions of each banner ad according to different websites, and insights on the volume of loads as they are distributed to each website.


wordpress ads plugin
List of CampaignsAd Changer server administrator panel includes a list of all campaigns stores in the server and the status of each one. Ad Changer server can serve simultaneously a large number of clients.
Campaign Basic SettingsEach campaign setting can be custom set to define the maximum number of clicks, the number of ad impressions, as well as the dates and times that the advertizing campaign will be active.
wordpress ads plugin
wordpress ads plugin
Banner ManagementIn each campaign, the administrator can upload an unlimited number of responsive banners and instruct the server to serve them randomly to specified client websites. The banner ad server helps you manage banner campaigns by taking into account the relative weight and load of each banner. Impressions and clicks are displayed for each banner and the server-side dashboard shows each banner’s performance.