User Guide – Using CM Ad-Server Widgets

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In addition to standard shortcodes applied on pages and posts, CM ad-changer banners can also be inserted in widget areas such as sidebars and footer using the ad-server widgets.
There are two types of ad-server widget currently available:

  • CM ad changer- Used to display a standard ad-changer campaign
  • CM Ad changer group- Used to display and rotate multiple campaigns on the same ad spot
  • How to use ad-server widgets

    Go to Appearance->Widgets, click on CM Ad-changer, and define your preferences by checking the options in the metabox:
    Ad-server Widgets

    • Title – Title that will appear above the widget
    • Campaign ID – ID of an existing campaign from to be displayed on the ad-server widget (required)
    • Linked Banner – Define whether or not your banner is linked to a page. Can be 1 or 0 (default: 1)
    • Class – Banner (wrapper) class name
    • CSS Class of wrapper. If wrapper is turned off then the class is added to widget wrapper.

    • Title Class – Widget Title class name
    • Custom CSS – The CSS code to be displayed with the banner
    • Allow Inject JS – Choose if the JS sent from the CM Ad Changer Server should be injected.
    • Wrapper – Turn wrapper On or Off. Can be a value of 1 or 0 (default: 0)
    • Not Responsive – If banners are not responsive, shut this setting off. Can be a value of 1 or 0 (default: 0)
      Not using responsive settings cancels the option of banner variations, in this instance only banners with original dimensions will be provided when requested

    View this example to see how the div wrapper works.