User Guide – The Server Statistics Module – Ad-Changer Plugin for WordPress

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The CM Ad-changer server statistics module collects data about clicks, impressions and server loads, so you can get a better idea of how your campaigns are performing. Reports can be sorted by month, period, clients last request, access log, server load and by groups.

Reporting by Month

Server Statistics Module
Reports are generated and displayed by Month. This information lists the performance of all banners which were viewed during a selected month, and shows number of clicks, impressions and click-through rate.


Client Last Request

Server Statistics Module1
This tab lists last requests from all your Ad Changer Clients. Of course only those clients which have interacted with server will have their last request shown.


Access Log

Server Statistics Module4
Generates a Full List of Events that are Stored in the Database.

  • Filtering (by event type, campaign name and advertiser).
  • Export of all records to .CSV file.
  • Delete selected Access Log.


Server Load Statistics

Server Statistics Module3
Server Load tab gives your the ability to view a graphical representation of how many requests were made during certain period of time. This report can be displayed within the following parameters: last hour, last day, last week, last month or last six months.