User Guide – Setting up Your WordPress Ad Server Plugin

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General Settings for Your WordPress Ad Server Plugin

After installing the server side plugin, go to: Ad-changer → settings, where you will see the general settings tab:
ad changer settings- wordpress ad server plugin

  • Server Active – Defines whether the Ad Changer Server is active to accept banner requests
  • Disable history functionality– Turn off data collection on clicks, impressions, etc. This may help improve speed and performance
  • Max. Number of Campaigns – Limit the setting for the number of active campaigns that serve banners
  • Inject JavaScript libraries on ALL pages/ on footer – Use in cases where the shortcodes are inserted within customized themes or other plugins. JS is sometimes needed when banners are not showing up as expected on your pages, this can occur when adding custom css styles to override settings and to better accommodate placement of the banner.

Geolocation API

Server Geo-location Settings for wordpress ad server plugin by CreativeMinds
Server Geo-location Settings are employed with an API developed by, which can be used to set the display of banners according to geographical settings that you control. Please obtain a free API Key for this service in order to get geo-location data feeds into the banner server.

Rotating Banners

Rotated Banners settings for wordpress ad server plugin by creativeMinds
Choose Slideshow Options for Rotating Banners, such as switch effect, intervals, and transition time.

Custom CSS

Server Custom CSS settings for wordpress ad server plugin by CreativeMindsServer Custom CSS settings relate to the layout of banners on your website. This setting overrides the style.css parameters in WordPress. This is an example of how Custom CSS is inserted into the html header.

Responsive Banner Settings

 Responsive banners resize according to the screen size of the device being used. With responsive banners, your ads are always appropriately resized according to user requirements.
Responsive banners resize according to the screen size of the device being used. With responsive banners, your ads are always appropriately resized according to device requirements.

  • Using Banner Variations – When this option is active, banner variation which means that only banners with appropriate dimensions will be displayed. This allows client sites to ask the server for the correct banner size, and display it according to current browser settings. Browser settings are detected before the server shows the banner, this sometimes means that there is a slight delay in loading the banner before it is served to the client.
  • Choose Variations based on Width – Whether or not specific banners are chosen is primarily determined by the device screen width, or by the width of the page which contains the banner shortcode or widget.
  • If No Variations are Available – Allow the plugin to Re-Size Banners in cases when there the appropriate variation for a particular device is not available. This option allows responsive banners to accommodate for a foreseen circumstance when all the banner variations are larger than expected, or for when no other defined banner variation exist.

View our Ad Changer’s Responsive Ad Example

Server Information Console

The Server Information console shows which extensions are installed on the local server and where the plugin is installed on other clients. This feature can be used for troubleshooting.

GD is an important module which is required in order for the Ad Changer to process and display images.

To check if GD is installed on your server, you may use one of the following tools:
Check by code
Check using a plugin