User Guide – Using the Ad-Changer Pro Edition for Displaying Responsive WordPress Ads

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The Ad Changer Pro edition is a WordPress ads plugin that consists of two separate kinds of plugins: The Ad Changer Server and The Ad Changer Client (never install both of them together on the same site). The main plugin, the Ad Changer Server, serves banners to as many Ad Changer Clients as you want, making it easy to create separate advertising campaigns to display on several WordPress websites.

Features of our WordPress ads server plugin

The Pro plugin server includes all free version features with the addition of the following features:

  • Responsive Banners – support adaptive banner size based on browser screen size. Support mobile devices while serving the correct banner size View First Image, View Second Image
  • Notifications – Campaign manager will receive notifications to his email when campaign stops View Image
  • Rotating Banners – Support rotating banners View Image
  • Client Plugin – Includes a client plugin which can be installed on a remote WP installation and serve campaign banners from the CM Ad Changer Server. Each server can serve many clients simultaneously View Image
  • Statistics – Include several statistics and access log modules. Log can be downloaded in csv format. Statistics reports can be shown by month. Statistics also include geo location information by country name. View first Image, View Second Image, View Third Image
  • Restrict by Dates – Campaign can be restricted based on dates View Image
  • Restrict by Days – Campaign can be restricted based on days in the week View Image
  • Restrict by Domains – Campaign can be restricted based on client domains (which Ad Changer clients will be served or not per a specific campaign) View Image
  • Restrict by Clicks – Campaign can be restricted when it reaches a max amount of clicks View Image
  • Restrict by Impressions – Campaign can be restricted when it reaches a max amount of Impressions View Image
  • Custom JS – JS function can be added per campaign and executed once banner is clicked View Image
  • HTML Campaigns – Campaigns can display custom HTML content / Ads (set by WYSIWYG editor)
  • NEW} Video Campaigns – Campaigns can display Video content takes from video networks or set by user
  • AdSense Banners – Campaigns can display the AdSense ads
  • {NEW} Campaign Groups – Campaigns can now be grouped so you can display the Image/HTML/AdSense Campaigns with one shortcode! Campaign Groups Guide.

How it works

When setting up your campaign, you’ll be asked to define a number of parameters that will determine how your banners should appear on the client site. Then, after adding your banners or html ads, all you have to do is insert the campaign shortcode into the desired page or post and you’re done!
If you wish to display your ads on external websites, you should first install the client plugin on those sites, and then insert the shortcode exactly as you would on your own website.

Here is a diagram that shows an example of how to use of the Client and Server plugins when they are installed on several websites.

User Guide – Using the Ad-Changer Pro Edition for Displaying Responsive WordPress Ads

When upgrading to the Ad Changer Server PRO, remember to deactivate (or remove) the Ad Changer Free plugin (if installed) before installing the Ad Changer Server PRO Version.