User Guide – Using the Ad-changer Free Version

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The CM Ad-Changer free version acts as a fully customized banner rotating server. Banner advertisements can be placed anywhere in a page or post using a custom shortcode or displayed as a customized widget. There is no limit for the number of banners which can be made to appear on a given page. Changing the CSS of the banner can be done via a control panel in the admin user interface.

Displaying Banners with the CM Ad-Cahnger Free version:

There are only few steps required to add a click-able image banner to a page or post:

  1. Activate Ad-Changer in the Settings (make sure Ad Changer status is Active).
  2. Create and define your Advertising Campaign and select banners
  3. Add a shorcode or widget function to any page or post.
  4. Here is s full list of the shorcode attributes available:

    • campaign_id – ID of a campaign (required).
    • linked_banner – Should your banner images be linked to a URL? Can be 1 or 0 (default: 1)
    • debug – Show the debug info? Can be 1 or 0 (default: 0).
    • wrapper – Wrapper On or Off? Can be 1 or 0 (default: 0).
    • class – Banner(wrapper) class name?
    • no_responsive – Banner not responsive? Can be 1 or 0 (default: 0).
      If non-responsive banner attribute is defined, this cancels the use of banner variations, and instead only banners with original dimensions are requested.
    • custom_css – The CSS code which would only be outputted if the banner is shown. (default: empty).
    • allow_inject_js – Allow server to inject JS? Can be 1 or 0 (default: 0).

Here are a few examples of custom shortcodes:

[ cm_ad_changer campaign_id=”1″ ] – minimum attributes
[ cm_ad_changer campaign_id=”1″ debug=”1″ ] – outputs all banner info
[ cm_ad_changer campaign_id=”1″ linked_banner=”0″ ] – outputs banner as image without link
[ cm_ad_changer campaign_id=”1″ wrapper=”1″ ] – wraps banners with div tag

For more examples visit our demo page.