User Guide – Displaying Ads on Ad-changer Client WordPress Sites

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After installing the CM ad-changer client plugin on your client website, you’ll need to define the server from which ads are served. Then, you’ll be able to display all campaigns and campaign groups by using a simple shortcode that can be placed on any page or post. Alternatively, you can use the ad changer client widget for cases when you want to display ads on one of your widget areas. While the instructions on this page apply to both the client and server sides of ad-changer, bare in mind to never install the client and server plugins on the same website.

Using and Customizing the Ad-changer Client Shortcodes

To add banners to a post or page simply insert the shortcode named cm_ad_changer, along with the relevant parameters. Here is list of parameters that can be used to display custom features and ad styles:

  • campaign_id – ID number of the advertising campaign (required).
  • linked_banner – Banner can be a linked image or just an image. This value can be 1 or 0 (default: 1).
  • debug – Settings to show the debug info. Can be set as 1 or 0 (default: 0).
  • wrapper – Image Wrapper On or Off. Can be 1 or 0 (default: 0).
  • class – Banner (wrapper) class name.
  • no_responsive – Banner is not responsive. Can be set as 1 or 0 (default: 0).
    Adding the no_responsive attribute cancels the usage of banner variations, instead only banners with original dimensions are requested by the client.

Displaying Ads Using the Ad-changer Client Widgets

Ad-changer campaigns and campaign groups can also be displayed on widget areas such as your sidebars, headers and footers on both client and server sites. By adding the CM Ad changer widget to those areas under Appearance → Widgets.

Once you’ve entered a campaign’s parameters, they will permanently be displayed on that specific widget area.
Widget parameters are similar to the shortcode parameters and include:

  • Title – Widget Title.
  • Campaign ID – ID of the advertising campaign (required).
  • Linked Banner – Banner is set as a linked image or just an unclickable banner image. Can be 1 or 0 (default: 1).
  • Class – Banner (wrapper) class name.
    CSS Class of wrapper. If the wrapper setting is turned off, then the banner class is added to the widget wrapper
  • Title Class – Widget Title according to set class name.
  • Wrapper – Wrapper can be set On or Off. Can be a value of 1 or 0 (default: 0).
  • Not Responsive – If the banner is not designed to be responsive, make this setting off. Can be a value of either 1 or 0 (default: 0).
    When you use no responsive settings for your widget, this cancels the feature that uses banner variations, instead the banner will be displayed with the original dimensions as requested.