User Guide – Client-Side Plugin Settings – CM Ad-Changer Plugin for WordPress

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The CM Ad Changer comes with Client-Side Plugin Settings that determine the image banner source on the server (Ad Changer Server URL). Client settings are customized in the plugin control panel with several ad banner display options.

General Client-Side Plugin Settings

Client-Side Plugin Settings on CM Ad changer plugin.

  • Client Active – Defines whether the Ad Changer Client is active. If this is set to OFF, no banners will be displayed by Ad Changer Client via any shortcodes or widgets
  • Ad Server Domain – This specifies the URL address of the WordPress server plugin installation (i.e. where the Ad Changer Server PRO is installed).
  • Inject JS libraries on ALL pages – This setting can be used in cases where the shortcodes are inserted within custom themes or customizable plugins. Read more about employing Javascript in the server plugin settings.

Custom CSS

Client-Side Plugin SettingsCustom CSS styles can be directly inserted into the html heading of the page or post where the banner is going to be displayed. This feature helps to adjust the page layout style.css in order to accommodate positioning of the banner image in certain cases.

Rotating Banners

Client-Side Plugin Settings
Slideshow options for rotated banners

Responsive Settings

Client Responsive Settings screenshot. Responsive banners will detect the user devices and resize banners accordingly. Depending on the resolution of the screen-size, banners will adjust their sizes to fit the device display settings.

  • Using Banner Variation – When this option is set, the banner image will variate between image banners, according to set dimensions. Read more about banner variation in the User Guide under Server Settings.
  • Choose banner variation based on width – Whether or not a specific banner should be chosen is based upon the screen width or container width of the place that contains the inserted shortcode or widget.
  • If no variations are available, then re-size banner – This option is used for special cases when all variations of banners are larger than expected, or for when no variation exists, instead a responsively sized ad will be displayed in the container.

View our Ad Changer – Responsive Ad Example

Server Information

Client Server Information Screenshot. This image shows how the client reports and retrieves data to and from the banner ad server.