User Guide – Manage Your WordPress Advertising Campaigns – Ad-Changer Plugin

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A WordPress advertising campaign is a series of ad banners and messages that share a single idea or theme, and which make up an integrated marketing communication (IMC) strategy for WordPress. Advertising campaigns can appear in different media formats across a specific time frame. The Ad Changer Server holds all the campaign information required, and is arranged in a table that can be outputted as a .csv file.

Viewing your WordPress Advertising Campaigns

To view your list of campaigns, go to the server plugin settings panel and choose “Campaigns” from the top bar. A list of campaigns will appear, along with a summary of all related information. User settings include options to edit, delete or duplicate each advertising campaign.

this is a screenshot of how to setup a WordPress advertising campaign using banners displayed with the ad-changer plugin by creative minds.

Learn more about settings up your WordPress advertising Campaigns:

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