The best WordPress advertising plugin | Introduction video

Are you running various advertising campaigns Online?
Care to check the return of your investment?
Are you really getting the message out there, and is your marketing strategy working?

Our WordPress Advertising Plugin manages, tracks and provides reports on how well your advertising campaigns are running. Designed specifically for eCommerce, the CM Ad-Changer can be used for cross-platform banner advertising promotions, managing discount sale events and improving your product banner ads.

Features of the Pro edition

  • Advertising campaign statistics
  • Responsive banner re-sizing
  • Cross-platform banner ad rotation
  • Ability to wrap banners with JavaScript functionality and Shortcode insertion
  • Campaign start and stop date notifications
  • Client domain settings
  • Restriction settings for the number of clicks and impressions

    Advanced features of server and client configurations

    The CM Ad-Changer Pro is a banner ad management plugin for WordPress that allows you to manage and control how, where and when banners are displayed according to different advertising campaigns and across multiple websites. The CM Ad-Changer can be used to rotate, change and re-size banner ads responsively on all your WordPress websites simultaneously.The CM Ad Changer client side includes basic connection information for retrieving campaign intelligence and information from the Ad Changer server. The Ad Changer server includes a campaign management control panel and statistics module that shows how different advertising campaigns are performing.

    Easily manage your marketing campaigns with a powerful WordPress advertising plugin

    By managing advertising campaigns across several WordPress sites at the same time, the CM Ad-Changer plugin for WordPress makes controlling and overseeing online banner and image promotions easier than ever:

  • Each campaign can manage an unlimited number of images and banners
  • Utilize your banners within your site by rotating them in random order, or even have them targeted with unique URL’s.
  • Measure conversion and count impressions of your banners
  • Use a shortcode to insert banners into posts and pages, while supporting debug mode.The CM Ad-Changer premium edition has additional features, including a client plugin which can be installed remotely, access to log & statistics, and geolocation, with custom parameters to manage advertising dates, domains, clicks and impressions.

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