User Guide- Solving Performance Issues

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If you’re working with a large number of websites using the client plugin, or if your websites are getting a lot of traffic, you may experience performance issues with CM Ad changer. This is a result of server pressure, which can be easily handled in one of the following ways:

Increasing server size/memory to solve performance issues

CM Ads are ajax based and therefore take a bit more time to serve than regular client server based connections. When combined with heavy traffic on your client sites, this could result in performance issues such as a slow loading of your ads. However, such issues can be tackled by increasing your server cpu and memory. This will speed up the process of serving ads on all client sites.

Allocating a dedicated Server for the WordPress site running the Server Plugin

When performance are very important and you have a very traffic coming in you may need to consider installing the server plugin on a dedicated server. This will allow this server to be focused on serving your ads and will reduce the time it takes until the clients will be able to receive response. This solution is needed only in rare cases.

Disable history functionality

Another way to improve the performance of your ad campaigns is to disable the history functionality, which means that the server will stop collecting statistical data and will not be recording clicks, impressions etc. You also need to disable this function in each of the clients so they will not try to send the data to the server. If you don’t intend to use the statistics module, or if you need an immediate and temporary solution, we recommend to disable this feature. Here’s how it’s done:
solving performance issues on CM Ad changer plugin for wordpress
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