Generate your WordPress ads campaign Groups for Better Ads Distribution

The CM Ad changer plugin turns your site into a WordPress ads campaign server where html, image and Video banners can be created and rotated across multiple WordPress websites! You can create as many campaigns as you wish, and group them together for a more clever distribution.
Campaign Groups is a great way to manage several campaigns on the same Ad Spot, and is particularly popular among advertisers who have a number of different products they want to display, which aren’t necessarily directed to the same target audience.

How do I group my WordPress Ads Campaigns?

Campaign groups are comprised of several WordPress ads campaigns, each including its own weight within the group. The campaign group is defined by placing a shortcode in your template, widget or any other place within a page or a post. Once the page is rendered, the Ad-Changer client connects with the Ad-Changer server, which randomly serves a chosen campaign out of the campaign group based on its weight.

Adding a new group to my WordPress Ads Campaign?

Adding a new campaign group is easy! All you have to do is to list the campaigns which are associated with your group. Next, a unique ID is given to the campaign group, which can be incorporated into the shortcode that you provide to each of the client side websites where ads are displayed to point to that particular campaign group.
The Result would be that each client website that is pointed to that campaign group will show ads from all campaigns inside that groups, in a frequency that is determined by the campaign weight within the group.

Ad-Changer campaign group Setting- WordPress Ads Campaigns

Ad-Changer campaign group Setting