Manage, Track and Report Advertising Campaigns Across Sites

Turn your WordPress into an Ad Server

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Learn how to manage track organize your banner campaigns across WordPress sites

Are you running various marketing ad campaigns? Care to check the return of your investment? Are you really getting the message out there, and is it working? The CM Ad Changer plugin manages, tracks and provides reports on how well your advertising campaigns are running. Designed specifically for eCommerce, the CM Ad-Changer can be used for cross-website banner advertising promotions, managing discount sale events and improving your product banner ads.

Manage Your Responsive Banners With Our WordPress Ads Plugin

This plugin turns your website into a banner ad server that rotates, resizes and changes responsive banners on multiple eCommerce websites simultaneously! The CM Ad-Changer plugin uses both server and client-side interfaces for managing multiple advertising campaigns across several WordPress websites.

The server-side plugin features a control panel and a statistics module to view and manage your advertising campaign’s performance, showing the number of impressions of each banner ad according to different websites, and insights on the volume of loads as they are distributed to each website.

Why upgrade to the WordPress Ad-changer Pro Edition?

  • Detailed Log & Statistics
  • HTML Ads & Campaigns
  • Video Ads & Campaigns
  • Campaign Groups
  • Support Multiple Sites
  • Responsive Ads
  • Serve Banners from Cloud Storage
  • Responsive & Rotating Ads
  • Notification System
  • Campaign Restrictions

How to retrieve data from your WordPress ad-server

The client-side of the CM Ad-Changer provides an ad management control panel that connects with the server-side plugin.

Use the client configuration to connect and retrieve settings from the server, with custom reports for managing banner ads on that particular website.

Client-side configurations are mostly used to connect to the ad server-side plugin, and receive instructions about which banner ads to display, where to display them and when.

  • Get custom reports for managing banner ads
  • Control where and when to display your banner ads

WordPress Ad Server Cloud Storage With CM Ad-Changer

The CM Ad Changer server supports storing and serving banners from a cloud storage or content delivery network (CDN) like S3.

Each campaign can have its own CDN definitions. Serving banners from the cloud storage helps you optimize and speed up the delivery of your banners.

  • Deliver Banners and Videos from a Content Delivery Networks
  • Speed up your Ad Server Performance

Use Your WP Ad Server to Display Banners on Multiple Client Websites

Your WP Ad Server, generated by the CM Ad-changer plugin can serve advertisement banner to a large number of client sites simultaneously. In fact, The client-side of the plugin can be installed on as many websites as you want. No matter how many websites you’re publishing on, your WP ad-server can handle it!

Here’s how the WP ad server works:

The following diagram shows six client sites connected to one central WP ad server. The Ad Changer client-side plugin is installed on each of these client websites.

Managing Campaign Statistics with our WP Advertising Plugin

The CM Ad-Changer Pro plugin for WordPress includes a detailed statistics module that collects and reports information regarding your advertising campaigns’ performance.

Designed specifically for managing multiple advertising campaigns across several WordPress sites at the same time, the CM Ad-Changer plugin for WordPress makes controlling and overseeing online banner and image promotions easier than ever.

Features of the CM Ad Changer Plugin for WordPress

The CM Ad-Changer is a multi-purpose Ad- Changer Server which enables different use cases and scenarios, providing robust infrastructure to manage and track your campaigns. We are constantly adding support and new features based on use cases we receive from our users. Learn how CM Ad-Changer can help boost your marketing efforts .
When purchasing CM Ad-Changer WP plugin you receive a full year of updates including bug fixes and new features. We also provide support to our users and help them customize CM Ad-Changer to best fit their needs.

Create Awesome WordPress video ads and HTML ads

CM Ad Changer supports both Video Ads and HTML-based Ads. Both Ad types are used as banner Ads, and contain a weight parameter which defines the total appearance percentage in comparison with other Ads in the same campaign.

Video Ads can either be served from a local host or a cloud storage, including video networks such as Youtube and Vimeo. Textual Ads can be linked like any other banner Ad to a target location of your choice.

Generate your WordPress ads campaign Groups for Better Ads Distribution

Campaign Groups is a way to manage several campaigns on the same Ad Spot. Campaign groups are comprised of several campaigns, each including its own weight within the group. The campaign group is defined by placing a shortcode in your template, widget or any other place within a page or a post. Once the page is rendered, the Ad-Changer client connects with the Ad-Changer server, who randomly serves a chosen campaign out of the campaign group based on its weight.